My Workout Routine: Bums & Tums

Published 2 years ago
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Summer is coming and I need to get my body prepped for those beach days in St. Lucia. So, here is my recipe to a hot beach body!. Be sure to give this video a thumbs up! List of Booty Workouts: Traditional Squat Squat Pulse Frog Squat Sumo Squat Ski Squat Step Under Squats Donkey Kick & Fire Hydrants One Leg Lunge In & Out Jumping Squats Curtest Lunges Swimmies Supermans Single Leg Glute Bridge Low Squat crossovers Ab List: Leg Drops Leg Circles Hip Crunch Reaching Oblique Crunch Side Crunch Crunch & Leg Raise Russian Twists Side Plank Ups Pelvis Scoops Thai Plank Starfish Crunch Hold for 30 seconds Plank Left Plank Right Plank Scissors Futter kicks Dish ********************************************** Upcoming Videos: - Chubby Bunny Challenge With My Boyfriend - The Accent Challenge - Carnival Vlog - Picnic Date Vlog Once I get to 1000 Subscribers I will do a giveaway every 1000. ********************************************** My uploading schedule in 2015 will be every Thursday ********************************************** Editor I use: iMovie Camera: Nikon D5100 ********************************************* Disclaimer:I have bought all products and I am not being paid to use or review them. Any comment about the products I use are my own honest opinion. I do not own any of the music in this video! ********************************************** Business Enquires For any reviews etc. please contact me at ********************************************* Come and see the rest of my world Instagram: burgundy_macrcosm Facebook Page: Burgundy Macrocosm, Other Tags! ootd,ootn,hair,make-up,healthy hair journey, hhj,relaxed hair care,black hair care,fashion,look book,spring, autumn,winter,summer,too faced, chocolate bar,hair styles,prom,wedding,special event,ball,date night,everyday,special,ldr, long distance relationship, macbarbie07, beauty crush, its my rae rae, patricia bright, beauty, eyeshdow, simple, everyday, school, college, high school university, teens, DIY, hair mask, hair routine, products, ELF, MAC, TAG, chocolate girls, black girls, dark skinned girls, ebony girls, heatless curls, get ready with me, GRWM, heatless hairstyles, no heat, advice,how to, wear, what to wear with, jeans, skinny jeans, style, crop tops, heels, brushes, review, protective hairstyles, burgundy macrocosm, burgundy_macrocosm, natural, organic, st. lucia, oote, couple, cute couple, almond eyes, purple, colourful, neutral, guru, night, clubbing, night out, get fit, exercise, diet, healthy eating, full coverage, bb cream, foundation, best, top 10, top 5, nail polish, nail designs,shampoo, conditioner, all beauty related, partner, help, stilababe09 beautybykelliee faboulousinmaking beautybycarla eos lip balm, chap stick, blush, travel, beauty essential, must haves, blending, highlight, contour, bronzer, mascara, eyebrows, fill in, piercings, small eyes, slim body, shoes, african american, caribbean,